The classical music that was regularly played in our parking lot added a lot of tranquility to our lives. If you listen to soft Mozart violins in the echo of a concrete container for motor vehicles you develop a whole different outlook on the meaning of the extremely large variety of Peugeot 206 models. We almost lost faith in reality when we dicovered that this fountain of tranquility was abruptly replaced by some ambient sound CD. If it was a normal ambient CD then we might be fine, but the combination of rushing waves, screaming children, tropical peacocks, goats, hens and other farm aninmals is a little too much. Now we have something to blame our anxiety for, too bad the weather is getting better and we are having so much fun it takes an extraordinary event like that to induce us to properly complain.

Have the full experience at http://www.metacafe.com/watch/471701/wierd_parking_music/

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