If she's English, it's not our problem

Today I went to Monoprix, one of the local supermarkets, mostly to buy envelopes and laundry softener, but I noticed some rather odd-shaped kiwis and couldn't resist buying a few to sample (Gahl will eat them with the skins, of course). I saw a sign that said something about five kiwis (I was in a bit of a hurry), so I grabbed five and went to the checkout counter. When the cashier was ringing up my things, she asked someone in the store to run and get an extra kiwi - apparently the deal was buy five, get one free. I thought this was quite nice of her. Then the man behind me in line said to the cashier, "If she's English, it's not our problem." I was too surprised to say anything (and my French isn't really at the level where I should get into a verbal battle at the supermarket check-out) but Gahl and I have been laughing about it ever since. I guess the statement pretty much seems to sum up the locals' attitude toward us.

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alvina said...

Hey, Phoebe! Don't know if you like/ever do memes, but I'm tagging you for the "8 Things About Me" meme that I just answered on my site. Do it or don't, up to you! You won't get bad luck or anything if you don't.